Water Activity (aw)

The water activity meter can be used to measure water activity which is the factor that is essentially related to food spoilage; high water activity promotes perishable food or products.

By using water activity meter, you can test and verify the safety and quality of your products and ingredients at the line, receiving dock, processing plant, storage facility in just 5 minutes.

Moreover, in order to use the water activity meter, you can use less time in testing microorganism in various pharmaceutical products and personal care products following the USP method (1112).

Water Activity (Aw)
Water Activity (aw) 4TE
Water Activity (aw) PRE
Water Activity (aw) PAWKIT
Water Activity (aw)
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สามารถวัดได้ทั้ง aw และค่า Moisture Content โดยการใส่ Isotherm Equation.